Today my heart ached 

It told me to call you sooner than later 

I tried to convince myself to wait 

It ached until I could feel it from my head to my toes 

It told me to call you 

It wouldn’t negotiate because my heart ached harder 

I can feel it strumming & strumming 

My heart convinced me to call you 

I can’t live in fear of rejection 

My heart wants content 

Even if he won’t pick up my heart wants to heal 

My heart ached the thought of you

My heart ached cuz it longed for you 

My heart ached cuz it misses you 

My heart is missing part of you 

It’s aching for you 


You are the darkness that eludes my mind

You are the darkness that decimated my peace

You are darkness that invoked my serenity

Darkness .. The cloud of my disparity

Is it you? That wants to evoke my insanity

Darkness … You dwell in my house

My mind

My body

Darkness you stole my light

Wasn’t I innocent for you?

But you happen to cross my mind

Darkness …

You stole my life

On my mind.

I am sick of seeing so much chaos in this world. What hurts me the most is seeing underdeveloped countries being treated like shit by wealthy countries. The main cause of poverty is the lack of education provided to our children across the globe. The government refuses to fund education and better transportation for citizens around the globe. We are too busy being brainwashed by mainstream media, by ignoring the real problems and focusing on stupid shit like celebrities and movies. We should advocate for better education, health, food, and water. I pray for a bette world. No child or mother should ever be burden by the lack of resources.